The Jarjum Centre

Identity, Sign and Spatial Design

In 2021 the Jarjum Centre opened their new, purpose built, facility. To support this development, and commemorate their movement, the Centre engaged with Agency in Design to design a storyboard sign, a font of premises sign, and a map sign.

Our approach

We were graciously given an open brief, positioned to bring story and art to the space. However, by coming to this project quite late in the build, we had to work to adapt and adjust the design to fit with the space.

The Centre wanted the 3 Brothers Story, a story they have used in their teaching, to be prominently displayed in their new facility. When reviewing possible locations for this, and in speaking with key staff and understanding the space, we were able to design a large-scale board that not only serves to inform visitors of this important story, but by the nature of its positioning, protects the area designated for yarning circles, from being visible from outside the facility.

In addition, we had to work with the current Centre branding so as to craft a complimentary horizontal lockup that would fit in the space that the main, front of building, sign was allocated.

This work is now extending into 2022 with the design of a website, room signs and the design and production of a language based sound trail, which are all now part of a continuing, whole of organisation, project.