2480 Futures

Youth led co-Design

In early 2021, Agency in Design was engaged by the NSW Department of Communities and Justice, in accord with Rekindling the Spirit, to work with the stakeholders of the Goonellabah region to gain direct insight from young people into the Goonellabah area and the way in which they envisage the future of Goonellabah

Our approach

Agency in Design has been delivering a series of youth focused design workshops concentrating on the reimagining and reconstruction of a local world; that being Goonellabah. This has involved over 100 participants engaging in a novel visual dialogue process whereby they both write, and visualise, responses to a distinct questioning framework; one that has them speculatively envisioning a future Goonellabah. This process, designed to support an upcoming workshop aimed at the Lismore/Goonellabah Youth and Service Providers Sector, has provided great insight into the diversity of relational experiences that the local youth learn and design from.