Co-Designing with living contexts

ABCD Workshop facilitation

Agency in Design was engaged by the NSW Department of Communities and Justice to deliver a 3 day workshop series with the aim of holding a space for service providers to reconceptualise their position in relation to their work so as to be able to design and deliver programs within an Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) model.

Our approach

With ‘Co-Designing with living contexts’ we supported members of the service sector to engage with Asset-Based Community Development through co-Design. This 3-day workshop provided the opportunity for participants to bring their diverse knowledge’s and expertise into a safe and interactive design space where they were encouraged to see themselves as designers and empowered to learn co-Design routines. Routines that helped to better position them to understand ABCD models, co-Design routines and the community within which they work. Through a series of interactive and engaging days, participants were supported to recognise the interaction patterns of living contexts and encouraged to move from a position of designing for community towards design with community.